The awards program of the Sonoma County Historical Society recognizes outstanding accomplishments of individuals and organizations that serve the interests of Sonoma County history. The awards are open to members and non-members of the Society. Nominations for recipients must be approved by a majority of the current Board of Directors of the Society.  Awards may or may not be given in all categories, and multiple awards may be given in any category in any particular year.


Nominations must be submitted to the Society at least three months before the annual meeting at which they are to be awarded.  Nominations may be submitted by members or non-members. Nominations must include:

  • name, mailing address, and phone number of the recipient

  • name and contact information of the person making the nomination

  • a detailed reason for recommending the award.


Nominations may be submitted in writing to a current board member or by using the form linked to the right. Nominations are due by December 15, 2019.

Robert Thompson Commercial Award 

  • Recognition of a business or industrial firm.

Brainerd Jones Preservation Award 

  • For completed acts of restoration or preservation by organizations or individuals. 

Campbell Augustus Menefee Scholastic Award 

  • Recognition to a school, student, or individual for a significant historical project or research in Sonoma County history which has led to publication of a book or to a major education activity. 

Jeanne Thurlow Miller Award 

  • Recognition for significant historical activities and accomplishments by an individual. 

Mariano Vallejo Government Award 


  • Recognition to a municipal, county, state, or federal agency or individual for significant activities and accomplishments.


Gaye LeBaron Editor's Award for Historic Scholarship 


  • Recognition of an author's published article of outstanding historical merit.


Floyd Bailey National History Week Award


  • Recognition to a full time student enrolled in an accredited college for a significant achievement which has expanded knowledge of Sonoma County's history. 

B. Bonham National History Week Award 

  • For Sonoma County history published online. 

Alice Brown National History Week Award

Carmen J. Finley Historical Website Award

Jack Taylor Media Award

  • Recognition of the creation of an audio and/or video record of hisotrically significant events, persons, or activities by an individual, group, or organization.

SCHS Annual Awards