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The Sonoma County Heritage Network

The Sonoma County Heritage Network was established in 1980s as a committee of the Sonoma County Historical Society. The purpose of the Network is to keep historical societies, museums, libraries, authors, historians, genealogists, cultural heritage organizations, and individuals and other organizations with an interest in Sonoma County and contiguous area histories in touch with each other, for their mutual benefit.  The Chair of the Network is KC Greaney and the Secretary is Ed Gilardi


There are no dues, and anyone is welcome to join by sending an email to


Meetings are held quarterly on the second Saturday of January, April, July and October beginning at 10 AM. Each meeting is hosted by a different organization so meeting locations vary.


A weekly email update of historical society events, news, needs, and information is sent to members. 


For additional information, please contact Ray at 

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