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Sonoma Historian

Sonoma County Historian 2016 #1 in the mail shortly

If you are a member of the Society, you will be receiving your Historian in the next week.

In this issue:
SCHS Banquet, p. 2
Houdini Search, pp. 4-6
Jasper O’Farrell, pp. 7-12
Petaluma Argus, pp. 13-16
Jack London, pp.18-19
Christo at Museum, p. 21
Members, p. 22
Friends Lost, p. 22-23v
Daken’s Screen, p. 23
Book Review, p. 24-5
Upcoming Events, p. 26.
Walk in Sonoma, p. 28

Don Clausen, known for many achievements, perhaps most for Lake Sonoma

Sonoma Historian 2010 #3Sean Bressie | Sonoma County Historical Society

Sonoma Historian 2010 #3

We have pulled this 2010 story, The Battle of the Dam, from the Sonoma Historian Archives about Lake Sonoma and the battle to get it built.