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Sonoma County Historical Society

2014 walk update #3

Update #3 for June 7 WALK! May 14, 2014 A lot has happened since the last update. It's getting exciting. Official # walking: 59 We had a $500 donation for our lunches from the Deas family who owns E and M in Healdsburg. Thanks Paul! Lunches will be once again be supplied by Canevari's Deli in Santa Rosa. Dinner will a BBQ chicken dinner with beans and salad prepared by Jack and Bill Bushgen of Guerneville. Read more

SCHS Board Meeting Minutes – 3/7/2014

Sonoma County Historical Society Minutes
Sonoma County Library Annex
Friday, March 7, 2014
Board Members Present: Jeremy Nichols, Lee Torliatt, Marj Torliatt, Joann Mitchell, Jeff Tobes, Guy Smith, Tony Hoskins, Jim Shere, and Kathy Fitzpatrick
Absent:  Harry Lapham, John Schubert, Sean Bressie, Ray Johnson
Call to Order: 
Jeremy called the meeting to order at 6:21pm
New Board Member:
Vicki Beard from Tom Origer and Associates has volunteered to become a member of the SCHS board.
Tony moved, Jim second, and the board unanimously approved. Board member count now stands at 14 members. Welcome Vicki!
Read more

Heritage Network meeting - April 12, 2014

The next Heritage Network meeting is 10:00 AM, Saturday, 12 April 2014 at the University of San Francisco in Santa Rosa, 416 B Street, opposite the Plaza Shopping Center near 5th Street, Dan Murley presiding.  Pay Parking is available in a lot just to the north on B Street, or two blocks away off 7th Street.

2014 walk update #2

June 7 WALK UPDATE #2 March 19, 2014 Walkers! Where are you? Only 6 people have enrolled for the June 7 walk and the first due date of April 1 is fast approaching. This 25 mile historical walk is going to be super. We're going to walk through some very historical areas along the Russian River (Sebastopol to Monte Rio) that you probably have never heard of. Very interesting. The enrollment form is on the Sonoma County Historical Society's website: Please print, complete and mail to me asap. Thank you. Other notes: 1. Feel free to forward this email to your contacts. It has proven to be the best way to advertise. 2. Contact me if you'd like a few (5 would be good) of the large colorful posters about the walk to distribute at your work place or church or.... Somehow I'll get them to you. 3. The walk begins at Luther Burbank's Experimental farm in Sebastopol called Goldridge Farm on Bodega Ave., not on Goldridge Rd. 4. Breakfast, as you know, will be at Georgetown on Frei Rd. near Graton (originally Gray's Town) but lunch will be at Highcroft (Not 'Highercroft') Park up in the hills of Forrestville. 5. You business owners, don't forget to include an extra $50 and your business card when you enroll so we can advertise your business on our website, and the Sonoma Historian, and the final map. Thanks for doing that. 6. The Sonoma County Historical Society's annual luncheon is this Sunday at the Flamingo. The speaker will be telling us about the life of the young Jack London. More info can be found on our website: Hope to see you there. Of course I'll be there with the History Day students and the walk display. 7. Here are our needs so far: 2 support drivers. Usually they are people who are not able to walk the distance but still interested in helping. Some one to be in charge of sending the thank you notes after the walk. Some one to write an article for our publication, The Sonoma Historian, about the walk. I'm looking for a person or a team of a few people to take over organizing the walk for next year. If you're interested, please let me know. See you soon. Stay healthy. Jeff (707) 888-1670

2014 walk update #1

February 11, 2014 Walkers, The enrollment form for the annual 25 mile historical walk on June 7, 2014 from Sebastopol to Monte Rio sponsored by the Sonoma County Historical Society is now posted on our website: Please feel free to copy the information and spread the word to all your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. The walk is shaping up to be a great one. Our biggest need right now is financial help for the dinner in Monte Rio. Any ideas or food contacts? By the way, if the weather holds up, the 7th and 8th graders from Wright Charter School are taking a nice 15 mile walk this Friday, Feb. 14, and you're invited!!!! Contact me if interested. Jeff Tobes (707) 888-1670

10th Annual History walk (2014) is fast approaching...See SEBASTOPOL to MONTE RIO up close and personal.

****  Enrollment Form  **** The Sonoma County Historical Society is sponsoring its Tenth Annual 20-25 mile historical walk from Sebastopol to Monte Rio on Saturday, June 7, 2014 (rain or shine) for history and physical fitness buffs. It will be led by experienced group walker, Jeff Tobes.  Last year's walk in San Francisco had 116 'marathon' (literally) walkers. The purpose of the walk is threefold: to increase health through walking, to learn about Sonoma County' s unique history, and to promote Sonoma County. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks, support vehicle, bus, hourly stretches, and interesting people and sights will be provided. The support vehicle will meet us every hour, or so, where we will stretch, get resupplied, and shed or put on clothing. The tentative route will begin at Luther Burbank's cottage at Goldridge Farm in Sebastopol, then along the Joe Rodota Trail to Georgetown (breakfast), through the wonderful town of Graton, to downtown Forrestville, paralleling the path of the Northwestern Pacific Railway (River Road) toward the Hollydale Club, to Summer Home Park, to Highercroft Beach (lunch), to Odd Fellows Park, safely through four properties along Pocket Canyon to Guerneville, through the hills of Monte Rio to the amphitheatre in Monte Rio (dinner). The exact route will be determined by the advance team in the upcoming months and updated to the walkers by email and/or our website. 2014 walk map                   ****  Enrollment Form  ****   The 3rd Annual Photo Contest is open to walkers this year. Shutterbug Camera has donated gift certificates to the winners.

SCHS Board Meeting Minutes – 10/23/2013

Sonoma County Historical Society Minutes Sonoma County Library Annex Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Board Members Present: Jeremy Nichols, Lee Torliatt, Marj Torliatt, John Schubert, Tony Hoskins, Jeff Tobes, Sean Bressie, Jim Shere, Ray Johnson, and Kathy Fitzpatrick Absent: Harry Lapham, Joann Mitchell, Guy Smith Guest: Mike Wilson Read more

SCHS Board Meeting Minutes – 9/25/2013

Sonoma County Historical Society Minutes Sonoma County Library Annex Wednesday, September 25, 2013 Read more

Heritage Network Meeting Minutes – Oct 12, 2013

Minutes of the Heritage Network Meeting 10/12/13 at the Carrillo Adobe Jo Markwyn (acting secretary for this meeting) Dan Murley spoke briefly about the significance of the Carrillo Adobe. He also appealed for someone to agree to be secretary for the Heritage Network to replace Evelyn McClure who is moving away. Larry Carrillo of the Friends of the Carrillo Adobe provided information on the current status of the Carrillo Adobe, the site of which is currently the property of Barry Swenson who proposes to build on part of the land and who has agreed to a park around the Adobe. However, plans have been stymied for years by the financial problems and exactly what will happen is unclear. He also pointed out that the remaining part of the Adobe is the house. The foundations of the larger north wing which was pictured in the HABS photos from the 1930's can still be seen when the vegetation is cleared. In addition recent archaeological investigations have discovered foundations to the south of the Adobe, between it and Montgomery Dr. These may not have been built upon. Larry also commended Dave Franzman's SRHS History Club for their work in cleaning the underbrush from the area so that today's meeting could be held. After the meeting Larry conducted a very informative tour of the Adobe. Read more

Heritage Network meeting at Carrillo Adobe Oct 12th.

Don't forget the Heritage Network meeting on Saturday the 12th at 10AM at the Carrillo Adobe on Montgomery in Santa Rosa just east of St. Eugene's. All historical organizations in Sonoma County are invited to send representatives. This is a rare opportunity to see the adobe up close since it is not open to the public. Members of the Carrillo family will be there.