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2017 Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon


Sunday, March 19th, 2017
A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead
and Susana Millman
Alive with the Dead: A Fly on the Wall with a Camera
Sean Bressie | Sonoma County Historical Society

2017 Banquet Flier


2016 Banquet, March 20th - How We Came to Make Such Fine Wines

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It’s no accident that the Sonoma County Historical Society modestly boasts of what we like to think is our skill at putting together interesting annual banquets. This year is no exception. The big show Sunday, Mar. 20 at the Flamingo Hotel includes a round-table discussion on wine, a fine luncheon, awards, raffles, a look at History Day activities, conversations with old friends, and who knows what else.

The program for this year’s annual luncheon is a panel discussion titled “How We Came to Make Such Fine Wines”. We hope to present a wide-ranging panel discussion, featuring distinctly different voices, to tell the grand and fascinating story of how— throughout our history— Sonoma County wines have become so well known throughout the world.

Five speakers are taking part, according to coordinator Jim Shere: Michael Topolos, who will speak on the history of winemaking in Sonoma County since its beginnings with the mission padres; John Burdick, who will speak about the evolution of the appellations, terroir, varietals, vintages, marketing and presentation of the fine wines of Sonoma County; Frank Pastori, who worked the vineyards and cellars near Geyserville since Prohibition, and will talk about the wines of the North County from a personal perspective; George MacLeod, who will talk about his personal experiences establishing and developing a quality vineyard and winery in Sonoma Valley; and special guest George Webber, impersonating Count Agoston Haraszthy de Mokesa, who will act as moderator.
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Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon is 3/23/2014

Guest Speaker Mike Wilson presents YOUNG JACK LONDON For the 2014 Sonoma County Historical Society’s Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon, Mike will talk about “Young Jack London”, revealing little-known details of Jack’s youth, from his birth in 1876, to age 21, when he left Oakland to participate in the Klondike Gold Rush. Flamingo Hotel - 4th St. and Farmer’s Lane, Santa Rosa 11:00 AM -- No Host Bar, History Student Presentations, Raffle Fundraiser, and Great Conversation! 12:00 noon -- Luncheon, Awards, and Guest Speaker Print out the Flyer and Mail with your reservations:

Susheel Bibbs Presents Her Chautauqua as Mary Ellen Pleasant - Annual Luncheon, March 24th

Guest Speaker Susheel Bibbs Presenting Her Chautauqua as Mary Ellen Pleasant

Mary Ellen Pleasant

Mary Ellen Pleasant

This unique, historical interactive performance by Dr. Susheel Bibbs will unfold the extraordinary saga of Mary Ellen Pleasant. Born a slave and known as “Mammy” Pleasant, this daring activist and entrepreneur was an associate of John Brown, and played an important role in the Underground Railroad. She is now recognized as the Mother of Civil Rights in California. Her dramatic life spanned the Gold Rush and the Civil War, and was instrumental in shaping early San Francisco society, amassing a fortune with which she established Beltane Ranch in the Valley of the Moon. Dr. Bibbs, an EMMY award winning TV producer and scholar, is known as the “foremost expert on Mary Pleasant”. She will portray Mary Pleasant, and then take part in a question and answer session.

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Pleasant was a Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X all rolled into one. Read more about her at Dr. Susheel Bibbs' website.

Pleasant was a Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X all rolled into one.

Dr. Susheel Bibbs presents the living history tribute to Mary Ellen Pleasant, Mother of Civil Rights in California at this year's Annual Banquet luncheon in March.  More info to come soon.  Read more about Pleasant on her website