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Author: Sean Bressie

DeTurk Round Barn open to the public Oct 5th for tours.

Deturk Round BarnThe Sonoma County Historical Society (SCHS) continues to have its weekly booth at the new West End Farmers Market on Donahue Street in Santa Rosa. The market is held on Sundays from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. and is located next to the historic DeTurk Round Barn, now restored and available for rent.     On Sunday, October 5th, the Round Barn will be open to the public so market attendees can see how beautiful it is inside.  Come visit us and see the round barn! Jeremy Dwight Nichols President - Sonoma County Historical Society  

Kitchen Memories: Kathleen Thompson Hill Culinary Collection

"An exhibition to entertain people and inspire them to learn about our kitchen culture through utensils and implements. The art of their design along with their function throughout history is illuminating.” 

—Kathleen Hill

At:  Sonoma Valley Museum of Art On: September 7, 2013 to December 1, 2013 Kitchen Memories: Kathleen Thompson Hill Culinary Collection | Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.

SCHS Board Meeting Minutes – 8/27/2013

Sonoma County Historical Society Minutes
Sonoma County Library Annex
Wednesday, August 27, 2013
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History Day Theme for 2013-2014 has been selected

2014-Theme-Logo-500The History Day Theme for 2013-2104 is Rights and Responsibilities in History During the 2013-2014 program year, students across the country will research topics related to a theme established by the National History Day organization. This year’s theme is Rights and Responsibilities in History. The theme is intentionally broad enough to allow students to select a local, state, national, or world history topic of interest to them that will fit with any school requirements they may have. Support your local students as they embark on this year's adventure in History. Read more about California history day at their website.

Competition Dates: County of Sonoma    February 22, 2014 State of California     April 25-27, 2014 National                       June 15 - 19, 2014

Iconic, Historic, beloved Coddingtown Mall sign is gone!!! - Where is it?

Many of the parts were rusted out, so workers will strip the sign to its frame and install new aluminum sheeting. New LED lights will replace the old bulbs, and it will be “shinier and cleaner,”
But fret not: the sign will be back up in about 30 days, said Kirstie Moore, property and development manager at Codding Enterprises. Press Democrat story...
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Sonoma County History Day students win 2013 State finals with website

20130908-160844.jpg Those of you that went to the picnic in Occidental watched a presentation about this years History Day winners Nicole Shaeffer and Gillian Mangiapane, that built a website about Rosie the Riveter. Follow this link to look at and interact with the website in all of its glory. Rosie the Riveter website  

What caused the fire? Was it an accident, or the work of an arsonist?

 Burning Down the House – A talk on the fire at Jack London’s Wolf House at the SonomaCounty Museum. August 22, 2013 at 7pm.

  100th anniversary of the Wolf House fire SSU Professor Emeritus, Jonah Raskin, to Talk About the Fire at Jack London’s Wolf House on Its 100th-Anniversary, August 22, 2013 at the Sonoma County Museum. 425 Seventh Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Talk begins at 7 PM. FREE for members of SCM, $7 for non-members. Call 707 579-1500 or register online here: Sonoma County Museum Event Fires and floods play famous roles in Sonoma County. Few fires have captured the popular imagination as intensely as the fire that devastated Jack London’s mansion, Wolf House, in 1913. On August 22, 2013, the 100th anniversary of the fire, SSU Professor Emeritus, Jonah Raskin puts on his detective cap, sifts though the evidence and cross-examines the major and the minor suspects. Raskin’s talk takes place at the Sonoma County Museum. Local historian and Press Democrat columnist, Gaye Le Baron, introduces the speaker, and adds comments of her own.

Conservation group helps save Skunk Train

San Francisco-based Save the Redwoods League will pay $300,000 for an option to buy all or part of the redwood-lined right of way along the 40-mile route between Fort Bragg and Willits. That money will allow the Skunk Train owner, Mendocino Railway, to clear out the tunnel just east of Fort Bragg that collapsed in April.    Press Democrat Story...

SCHS Board Meeting Minutes - 7/24/2013

Sonoma County Historical Society Minutes

Sonoma County Library Annex

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

      Board Members Present: Jeremy Nichols, Lee Torliatt, Marj Torliatt, Tony Hoskins, Harry Lapham, Jeff Tobes, Sean Bressie, Jim Shere, Joann Mitchell, Guy Smith, and Kathy Fitzpatrick Absent: John Schubert Guests: Ray Johnson, Norm Corwin   Call to Order:  Jeremy called the meeting to order at 6:25pm   Minutes:  Tony motioned, Lee second, unanimously approved the June meeting minutes.   Treasurer’s Report:      Jeff distributed the Income/Expense report for June 19, 2013 - July 24, 2013. Jim motioned, Kathy second, unanimously approved the Income/Expense report.   Membership Report:  Marj reports current membership count at 598 members. Marj also went over the numbers of drops/renewals to the membership rolls.   Archivists/Journal Editor Report:  Lee has obtained a copy of 1879 History of Sonoma County. (Not in very good condition). Tony will take a look at the book before having it available at the Library.   The next issue of the Journal will be dubbed the “Civil War Issue” as Lee plans to have couple of stories on Sonoma County and the Civil War. Also to include report on this year’s History Walk in San Francisco with pictures.   Lee recently gave a talk at the Watson School. A story piece on the school and talk will be in this year’s last issue of the Journal.   President’s Report:  Jeremy reports letters found in Santa Cruz CA from Charles Brewster’s younger brother James Brewster may hold info on the source of the Brewster tombstone at Chanate Cemetery.   Jeremy will be checking with the City of Santa Rosa on a Landmark application for Chanate Cemetery. Joann suggested also checking with the National Registry.   Local Areas:  Russian River -  No report due to John Schubert’s absence.   PCAM -  Guy reports the PCAM folks are busy getting prepared for the Air Show. Dates are 08/17/2013 - 08/18/2013. The Air Show will not include as many Air Force planes this year due to budget cuts.   The Healdsburg Museum benefit was recently held at Georgetown with 132 peoples attending.   Glen Ellen -  Jim reports DVD’s of previous panel discussions are available for purchase.   Jim reports the safe has finally been opened - only to find decomposed currency and rusty paper clips. Jim suspects these items date back to the 1990’s.   Check from County received for plaques to be made and placed around Glen Ellen for the self-guided tours. They will be placed at various locations around Jack London Village and include QR code for audiovisual description.   Next panel discussion topic will be History of Music in the Valley of the Moon. Focus will be on years 1965-1975. Jim is in process to organize local musicians to discuss the “scene” in the Sonoma Valley at that time.   Petaluma - Lee reports the Petaluma Museum is planning a display on the Petaluma River in July.   Committee Reports: Website: Sean reports he has been working on converting the links on the website. This should make searches easier.   Heritage Network: Next meeting is tentatively planned for October 17, 2013 at the Carrillo Adobe in Santa Rosa.   History Database:  Joanne reports she has spoken to involved parties and no one recalls any such database created. So it’s back to square 1.   Joann would like to have a small committee to get the database together. Marj motioned. Sean second, and the board unanimously approved the committee. Kathy volunteered to assist Joann on the committee.   Old Business: Annual Picnic:  The picnic will be promoted as an “old fashioned” picnic. The SCHS will provide beverages (soda, wine, beer) and barbequed hot dogs, sausages, buns and condiments. Members attending will be asked to bring a dish to share.   Details will go out beginning of August.   Harry plans to have couple of the girls from Muffin Street attend for BBQ duties.   Kathy mentioned the need for a couple of Porta-Potties due to water conditions this year in the West County. Guy knows someone who can provide for reasonable cost.   There may be a need for tables/chairs depending on the attendance numbers. The Lapham ranch has a small number of chairs/table available.   To coincide with the Sturgeon’s Mill anniversary, a speaker will talk on the mill. (Harvey Henningsen?)   The History Day students will also be in attendance. They will present their displays around 12:30pm.   Letterhead/Envelopes/Business Cards: No progress has made on the envelope/cards. To be tabled to next meeting.   West End Farmers Market: Jeremy reports the fee for the marker has been waived for SCHS (non-profit). He reports quite a bit of foot traffic at the market and has made CD’s of the 1898 Atlas and created a laminated map of Santa Rosa which delights visitors to the booth.   Jeremy shared the involved time for the booth set-up, manning and tear down. He expressed he would not be able to do this by himself next year. Kathy made the suggestion to contact the membership (email or Journal?) to request volunteers to help with the booth in the future.   A schedule for other groups using the booth was shared.   San Francisco Bus Trip:  Further discussion on this topic tabled to future meeting.   Annual Luncheon 2014: Marj shared the emailed luncheon menu choices from the Flamingo.   The menu choices approved by the board include: Choice of Rosemary & Garlic Polenta, Pork Sirloin Medallions, or Atlantic salmon. All entrees include Sonoma Mixed Green Salad and traditional mashed potatoes.   Flamingo price = $29/plate includes tax/tip.   Possible speaker - Betty Goerke - author of Chief Marin: Leader, Rebel, and Legend   New Business:   New Board Member:  Ray Johnson is in attendance at tonight’s meeting. He has expressed interest in joining the board as a Member at Large. Jeff motioned, Lee second, and the board unanimously approved Ray Johnson as member of the SCHS board. Welcome Ray!   100 Year anniversary: 2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of the 1915 Treasure Island World’s Exposition. This topic will be tabled for further discussion at future meeting.   Guest:  Norm Corwin was present at tonight’s meeting. He is pursuing an oral history project - The North Bay Oral Histories Project. The purpose is to document elder and family oral history. His goal is to involve local students and teachers for his project. Norm is looking for advice from the members of the board. Several board members shared their experiences working with students and suggestions were provided.   Joann suggested the Santa Rosa Foundation for funding assistance on the project.   McNear Family:  Lee, Katherine Rinehart, and Jeremy are working on review of the collection of family records from the McNear Family. Most impressive is the diaries dating back to the 1850’s.   Next Board Meeting:  Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6:15pm at the Library Annex Please email Jeremy to add any items to the meeting agenda. Meeting adjourned8:26pm.   Respectfully submitted by Kathy Fitzpatrick, Secretary

The results are in!! 2013 Walk Photo Contest Results

The winners of the 2013 Walk Photo Contest are...

We thank all of the participants, the judges and Shutterbug Camera Shop for donating $50 gift certificates to the winners. Adult Architectural:  John Van Dorp, "Alpenglow" TransAmerica Building"


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