Annual Jeff Tobes Memorial History Walk

2019 walk update #1

Attention Walkers of Jeff Tobes Memorial 20-mile History Walk Date – May 4th, 2019 Start location --- Wichersham Park, Petaluma Registration time --- 6:00 am Please go on line to register at (soon) You may pay and register on line. Or you may register online and mail in a check (soon) We are expecting a good turnout for this year’s May 4th walk. When you enroll online you can pay by credit card or PayPal. You can also pay with a check as well, by enrolling online and mail me a check in with a short note and I will do the rest. (coming soon) The walk route will be posted online at and I believe that there will be sections that you have never been on before. There will lots of photos of the historical spots showing what it looked like years ago, so everyone should be able to help by holding the photos like last year’s walk. Petaluma has some very good and important history. There will be short talks about all the Hatcheries and Chicken Pharmacy’s that have made Petaluma the egg capital. Also, a look around the Heritage Homes and the wonderful D St. The walk will be almost all flat, there is a couple of hills, we will be walking through the Petaluma Museum. We will also see and hopefully hear about the train station. We will meet at Wickersham Park 6:00am and. Breakfast will be at Penry Park after we walk along Petaluma Blvd. Hopefully there will be no fog and we will have amazing views. The weather should be very pleasant, so be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen. The support vehicle will carry everything for you, so you don’t have to, but you should be prepared to carry water. The support vehicle will be available periodically, at short intervals including the port-a-pottys. Training for this event is necessary, you should be walking regularly with some longer walks. Don’t push it all to the last week, your feet won’t take it. In fact, it would be good to not walk much a couple of days before the walk. If anyone wants to lead any practice walks, let me know and I will post them. You need to carry these four phone numbers with you during the walk for emergencies. If you need help or anything and if you need to exit the walk please let us know. Ray 707-535-6476, Jessica 707-338-2305 and Maryann 707-529-6271. Since this walk is all in the city, we will not be keeping track of everyone and if some needs to leave early or join us late that will be okay. We still need a tee shirt sponsor; the cost is $750, and their logo will be prominently displayed on the back. If you know anyone would be interested in being the tee shirt sponsor refer them to Cecilia at 707-953-0186, since she has been handling the donations. Business card sponsors are also welcome and shall be shown on the map and website. We need a volunteer to pick up breakfast and coffee in the morning. The 2019 walk is the first walk that Maryann and I (Jessica) will be organizing. My first walk was the Fort Bragg to Fort Ross walk and I loved every minute of it. Maryann's first walk was the Monte Rio and we both loved it. We have done every year except for last year which we were so sad about. We have kids in sports and April is prime time for sports. We are looking forward to this year and super excited about all the history we have already found on our home town and all the history we are still looking for. Thank you all for wanting to keep this walk going. Jeff was an amazing person and I along with you all miss him and his knowledge very much. Jessica Miller 707-338-2305