2016 Walk Update #2

Date – June 4th 2016
Start location --- Sebastiani Winery in Sonoma Park on Lovall Street
Registration time --- 5:30 am
You may register and pay online or mail in check with application.

We are expecting a record turnout for this year’s June 4th walk in Sonoma and now you can enroll and pay online if you wish, however you can also pay with a check as well.

The walk route is posted on the info bar to the right. The route includes the Sonoma Plaza, with a loop into the south east Sonoma and a loop through Boyes Hot Springs, Agua Caliente, and El Verano. There will be a couple of hills, however we will be sharing information on the local history and the views will be beautiful. I guarantee there will be places that you have never seen before.

We will meet at Sebastiani Winery at 5:30am. Please park on Lovall Valley or 4th st and avoid their parking lot.

Breakfast will be at a park south of Sonoma, lunch will be at Sebastiani in Arbor Park and Dinner will also be at Sebastiani.

Walking will primarily be on streets and sidewalks with maybe 10% on trails so it will be similar to the Monte Rio walk without the river crossing.

Training for this event is recommended, if you have not begun walking you should be starting to train for the walk, in order to get in shape. Start with daily 1-3 mile walks with some 5+ walks occasionally, next month boost your daily walks to 3-6 miles with occasional 10+ and do at least a couple of 15+ walks before June 4th. Don’t push it all to the last week, your feet won’t take it. In fact it would be good to not walk much a couple of days before the walk.

We still need one support driver for a new Toyota van that Freeman will loan us; and we need someone to pick up breakfast in Novato, deliver it to Sonoma and take back the empties to Novato. I thank Cecilia for doing much of the legwork for this walk.

Oh and we still need a tee shirt sponsor, this costs $750 and their logo will be prominently displayed on the back.

The history will be similar to last year’s walk, however the Sonoma Valley Historical Society will hopefully be helping out holding the pictures.

Future Event--
Please put on your calendar for April 1, 2017, the tentative date for the 2017 walk between Healdsburg and Cloverdale.

If you have any questions, please reply to this eMail or contact me at Ray@sonomacountyhistory.org


Ray Johnson
SCHS History Walk