History Walk Update #3 - Exercise Edition


Dear Walkers,

I told you that I would be emphasizing "walking" before the walk so that you can enjoy the experience even more.  Ray Johnson, one of the organizers this year, has written an article specific to our walk.  He is an experienced walker and his advice is good.  He and his wife, Cecilia have gone on Jeff's "25 Mile Walks" for 8 years.  He knows what he is talking about, so read, enjoy and take his advice.

Just for a sidenote; thank you walkers for sending in your enrollment forms and waivers.  Our number of walkers is increasing.  If you haven't signed up yet, go to sonomacountyhistory.org and get it done.

Happy feet make for happy walkers!

Sandy Grant - (707)542-4591 - grant02@comcast.net  

Getting in Shape


Getting in shape for a long walk is not so much about cardiovascular as it is about getting your feet, legs, and body used to walking for long distances and there is no substitute for miles.  Begin with short walks and increase until you are doing at least 15 miles at a time. A wise move would be to stop looking at all those bikini body mommy reviews that are just not realistic for your goals, they will just make you feel less good about yourself and that is not the goal. When practicing walking more is always better because you will enjoy the "20 Mile Walk" more if your body is already used to it.

Since this walk will be  almost all pavement you should walk on pavement instead of dirt.  It is harder and different and you should get your feet used to walking on pavement.

Get comfortable shoes and walk in them for at least a couple of walks.

Bicycling and other forms of exercise are not substitutes.   Concentrate on walking only. While I do ride a bike and walk when getting ready for a long walk, I concentrate on walking.  Bicycling will help with walking uphill and stairs, so if you have time to do both throw in some uphill climbs on your bike.

Socks are also important.  Bring an extra pair or two so you can change them during the walk.

Water is very important, but too much does not help.  In fact, with restrooms sparse and with a lot of walkers, they might not be always available.  I try to moderate my intake with the weather and time so I will not be uncomfortable waiting for the next restroom.

Bring a hat.   If it is going to be warm, it will keep the sun off of you and keep you cool.  Short pants are always good.  You might have to be chilly for a little bit in the morning,  but 90% of the day you will be happy.  If you have pants with detachable legs, they are the best because you won’t have to wait for a restroom to change.