2015 History Walk Update #1

It's that time again. You can enroll for the Eleventh Annual 20-25 Mile Historic Walk through San Francisco on June 6, 2015, by going to the Sonoma County Historical Society's website link:  SonomaCountyHistory.org/historywalk.

Besides information about the walk there are two pages to sign and mail back along with the fee of $60 per adult and $10 for those younger than 18. The enrollment form can be mailed to:

Sonoma County Historical Society
c/o Ray Johnson
2407 Horseshoe Drive
Santa Rosa CA 95405

This year Jeff Tobes, our faithful leader for ten years, has asked for help putting the walk together. A team of six veteran walkers are organizing the walk with the guidance of Jeff and his years of experience. Your team of organizers this year are Ray & Cecilia Johnson, Sean Bressie, Bridget Hayes, Barbra Friedman, Vernon Vale, John Grant and me, Sandy Grant. Jeff is keeping us very busy with all the arrangements.

As you are practicing for the walk in San Francisco, mark your calendar for May 23rd. Jeff Tobes will be taking an eight hour final preparatory walk on that day, rain or shine! Interested walkers will meet at 7:45 AM at the Coddingtown Library and will return there at 4:00 PM. Bring your own lunch or $5-$10 for a pizza lunch, a water bottled and dress appropriately.

Because of the continual increase in costs, we have had to raise the fee from $50 to $60 per adult. We are hoping to come out even between your participation and fee along with donations from the community.

We have, also, decided to make the walk 20-25 miles instead of 25 miles. The past few walks have been over 25 miles and those last few miles have been difficult. By keeping under 25 miles, we can keep to our schedule better and end the hike a little sooner. We'll see how everyone likes it. We are trying it out and are always flexible to what our hikers wants are.

Everything is going smoothly. Ray Johnson and Vern Vale have put an exciting new route together for us in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Panama Pacific International Exposition. We will be exploring the sites of 100 years ago that made up the original exposition along with other historical sites. E and M Machinery in Healdsburg has, once again, donated $500 for our event and State Farm has agreed to furnish us with water bottles this year. We are in the process of confirming a videographer for our walk. We are pursuing donors to cover the cost of our t-shirts right now, so if you are interested please contact me. We are also looking for donors to cover some of the cost for food and transportation.

Bridget Hayes, one of our organizing team, has designed our poster this year from an old picture of the Panama Pacific International Exposition site. It is quite impressive. If you would like some of these posters to distribute to businesses, your work places and/or places where people frequent, please contact me. We need help distributing all 300 poster that we have had printed. Thanks!

This year we wanted to make the history of the Pan-Pacific International Exposition an important part of the walk so we are providing pictures and historic facts as we go. We will need volunteers to hold the enlarged historic pictures at sites along the walk. This is a great way to be involved even if you do not want to walk. Expenses and meals will be provided for the volunteers.

Help and donations are still needed with: publicity, healthy snacks, support vehicles and two drivers, help with setup and distribution at Coddingtown. I'm sure we will need other help and will keep you informed as events unfold. Of course, cash donations are always accepted and needed.

If you are interested in advertising your business card in our society's magazine, our website and on our map of the route, please mail us a card and an additional $50 for the advertisement when you mail in your enrollment form. Thank you!

Please spread the word! It's going to be another fun day!

Sandy Grant