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Archive for July 2014

Sebastopol's landmark feed store plans comeback

Before last year's fire, Frizelle Enos feed store, a link to the region’s agricultural roots, had been in continuous operation since its founding as a feed mill in 1939, serving the west county and its commercial hub, Sebastopol. It has borne the Frizelle Enos label since two proprietors with those names assumed the business in 1946.

Operated out of a concrete-block retail building that shared the lot with a corrugated metal warehouse, the roughly 16,000-square-foot emporium offered livestock feeds and products, pet foods, ranchwear and related items, as well as what Stacey Renati called “little pluses and extras you wouldn’t expect,” like distinctive socks, soaps and lotions that sold surprisingly well.

The vintage red-and-white checkerboard pattern around the exterior walls, familiar to patrons and passers-by alike, will remain, as well as  its eclectic mix of merchandise, and even some of the personnel. ....Read more

Source: Press Democrat

It all started here

Although his name is well known in “Our River Town,” how much do current Petalumans really know about Lyman Byce? Most readers will respond, “he built the first incubator.” However, are there other tidbits of information we should be aware of? This strange looking device was exhibited at several regional fairs. It was reported that a 400 egg Byce incubator hatched 95% of the eggs it cooked on a 200 mile trip by boat, train, and wagon. Christopher Nisson, a local Danish farmer, purchased several of these incubators and became the world's first commercial hatchery on his 100 acre farm near Two Rock. more Source: Petaluma - Our River Town

St. Dorothy's Rest in Camp Meeker traces its history back 113 years

“Once you enter through the gate, the air is different... There's a timelessness about it.” St. Dorothy's Rest is the oldest continuously operated camp in California. Founded in 1901 with a 1-acre gift from lumber baron Melvin Meeker, the camp was the brainchild of Nellie Lincoln and her husband, the Rev. James Lincoln.   ...Read more Source: Press Democrat

Prune Packers ball team bring old-time memories

Ever since its owner willed the Prune Packers into existence 2-1/2 years ago, this small-town baseball club has honored history. The team name is a throwback to the minor-league Prune Packers who competed here in the 1920s, and again the 1950s. They still play at Rec Park, the quaint ballpark a few blocks east of central Healdsburg that was home to those earlier incarnations more Source: PressDemo - Top News

Santa Rosa Junior College discovery

A mystery and a piece of #SRJC history are coming to life! This morning, while supervising the removal of our old, nonfunctional flag pole on Analy lawn, Facilities Operations staff members were looking for what they thought would be a “time capsule” on top of the pole. Paul Bielen, Director of Facilities Operations, said that they found a sealed ball, as well as what appears to be a weather-damaged piece of paper, inside the tube holding the ball. Does the paper carry a message to us from previous generations? Library technician Amy Malaise is going to study the sheet and let us all know. via Santa Rosa Junior College.

Cloverdale Cemetery Wall Project needs your help

A group of local volunteers, have dedicated many hours to repairing damaged headstones and maintaining civilian and veteran grave sites. Soon after the collapse, we approached the City of Cloverdale and informed them of the collapse of the retaining wall and severe damage caused to several gravesites. The Cloverdale Cemetery is owned by the City of Cloverdale who has already funded the engineering and soil analysis costs, however, the hard facts are that they have no additional funds for maintenance or to conduct any repairs to the wall.... Read more...    Cloverdale Cemetery Wall Project by Gort Klaatu - GoFundMe.

Sonoma history comes to life

Period-clad actors will recreate the days of General Vallejo and Count Haraszthy at the inaugural Living History Extravaganza on Saturday, July 12, at Buena Vista Winery. The day will be filled with “Living History Performances” by re-enactors wandering the grounds telling stories and giving tours of the historic stone winery buildings and wine caves, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. In addition, there will be performances of “The Story of Buena Vista,” “Medicine Man Show” and, at 2 p.m., “The Bear Flag Revolt” presented by the Bear Flag Revolt Acting Troupe, featuring Jean-Charles Boisset as Victor Proudhon. The day's characters … more Source: Sonoma Valley Sun

State puts historic property up for grabs

Healdsburg Armory for sale... The armory was not always an abandoned safety hazard, according to Plass. “When I was growing up here cars lined that street,” he said. “It was an engineering academy. A lot of people I know were members of the National Guard. They were extremely active ... it was well-used. It was a great thing for the city to do back in the 50s to give that property to the state to build an armory.” more Source: Healdsburg Tribune

Wineries growing in Penngrove

New winemakers put down roots in historic Denman Creamery Building on Goodwin Avenue. The so-called Petaluma Gap, though not an official site on the American Viticultural Areas map, has been recognized for years as a wine-growing region deserving of respect. more    Source: Petaluma Argus-Courier Denman Creamery, c2011

Fort Ross News and Opportunities

Fort Ross Festival, Training Opportunity for our Volunteers, Fort Ross Quilt Project, and 'Get to Know You' Parks Program. 


Fort Ross, c2012

Fort Ross State Historic Park is getting ready for our annual Fort Ross Festival held July 26th from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM where we celebrate the cultural diversity that makes Fort Ross such a unique place. The event is one day this year with scenarios, music, militia, crafts, and more all centered in the fort compound. We are reaching out to all our volunteers and anyone else who would like to volunteer with us to make this day a success. For good planning, we would like to ask you to respond as soon as possible if you plan on volunteering, with the latest being July 19 if you are wanting the free lunch.  There are many benefits in participating such as meeting other people of like interests, working with a team of dedicated staff, and meeting hundreds of enthusiastic visitors who love to learn, earning service credits for high school students, and contributing to your local community. As is our tradition, we will continue to focus on the everyday inhabitants and cultural aspects of this settlement.  We ask our volunteers to not just “look good,” but also give voice to the past, sharing your knowledge of the cultural diversity, crafts, arts, architecture, history and traditional activities of the early 19th century Ross inhabitants and neighbors. Our goal is to show the public a small piece of California and world history that will stimulate appreciation for our past and encourage a search for more information. With your help, we will present a wonderfully rich facet of Fort Ross that people of all ages will remember for years to come. Read more